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Bloodless Surgery can be and should be done on most patients-read more

Most patients are unaware that heart surgery can be performed without the need for blood transfusion in most patients. There is mounting scientific evidence that avoid transfusion is associated with better results in cardiac surgery. Jehovah’s witnesses are routinely treated in specialized heart surgery centers without bloodshed, and have excellent results while fully respecting their blood no directives. Here is a list of specific clinical choices and procedures that make possible this technique.

All medications and supplements that can cause bleeding by inhibiting normal coagulation are stopped at least one week prior to surgery.
Blood tests are obtained for any deficiency anemia or blood clotting.
If they are detected or anemia history of clotting problems, appropriate therapy started to solve all problems before surgery.
Epogen, a synthetic drug that is not derived from the blood is used to stimulate a Boost in blood count.
If there is any history of peptic ulcers or intestinal bleeding, a gastroenterologist will assess the patient
At the time of surgery uses a very meticulous surgical technique so that no active surgical bleeding at any time during the operation.
Special medications that help blood clotting, as Amicar are used during surgery
A special cell-saving suction system is used for recirculation of the blood shed in the surgical field.
All blood tests required are standard in paediatric tubes to minimize the amount of blood taken from the patient.
More Epogen, iron supplements and vitamins are given to help each patient to prevent anemia.
There is mounting scientific evidence that patients undergoing heart surgery without bloodshed do better than patients who received blood transfusions. Some studies point out that avoid blood transfusions during surgery may help patients live longer and with fewer surgical complications. Most reputable bloodless surgery centers are regularly treat even the most complex and difficult with these techniques. Jehovah’s witnesses much as well as patients aware that they are aware of these techniques better significant distances to get open-heart operation right at the hands of an experienced surgeon of the heart without bloodshed. If you need heart surgery, it pays to do some research online to explore the best options.

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